Residential Window Tint

Improve Comfort in Your Home

A true Solar Control Window Film can do wonders for reducing heat and reducing glare. Home window tint improves your quality of life whether you are reducing heat in the kitchen, entertaining guests in the living room or reducing the glare while watching your favorite show on TV.  Your experience can be frustrating with excessive glare. Window Film, made specifically for the home, will make all the difference.


The word FILM is generally used in conjunction with the home, whereas auto TINT is common for vehicles. Both can work well to reduce heat and glare, and significantly improve comfort. In your home, quality film is important to get the benefits you want, and the appearance you desire. In your home, you want to save energy, in your car or truck you don’t necessarily save energy but you improve your comfort while driving and add a degree of privacy.


There are specific films designed for the home; automotive films are not recommended. Adhesive technology is different and the process of manufacturing differs substantially. Each state has auto tint safety regulations regarding reflectivity and density which is similar to some homeowner’s association guidelines, which we can easily comply with.

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Lower A/C Cost and Save Energy in Your Home.


Everyone loves the sun. Sunshine feels good and does wonderful things for our daily lives. In Texas, the hot blazing sun is not without challenges. Most homes in Texas have high air conditioning costs which can be directly attributed to the sun’s infrared heat entering through unprotected windows and glass doors. When direct infrared heat comes in contact with an object, furniture, carpeting, etc. the heat builds up.


The more sun that passes through the glass the more your air conditioning has to fight to maintain your comfort level and cool your home. If your air conditioning runs overtime to cool your home it is burning more energy, which will lead to high monthly electric bills, unless you have home window tint.


Solar Control Window Films do a remarkable job of keeping the sun from entering your home. Our new ceramic films are specifically designed to reject infrared. You no longer have to use a highly reflective metal film to stop the heat.


Our residential film is there all the time and there is no reason to lower shades, close draperies, shut blinds or use shutters. You will appreciate leaving unobstructed and glare free views of the outdoors.


With all the focus on going green today, window film is the ideal solution. Energy Company studies have shown that window film is the most effective and least expensive way to keep the sun from entering your home or business through glass windows and doors.

Ultraviolet Damage controlled by Residential Window Tint


The main cause of premature fading, rotting and change of color is from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These destructive UV rays, invisible to the human eye will blister, discolor and ruin: wood floors, fabrics, furniture, fine art and many furnishings. 

Solar Control Window Films will eliminate destructive UV rays up to 99%. In addition to ultraviolet, heat and light play a major roll in the costly damage. By controlling these factors the life expectancy of your interiors will be greatly increased. You can also decide how much privacy you prefer your window tint to control.  Some of the films are transparent while others can offer complete privacy.


There is a Solar Control window film for every conceivable application. With Solar Control, we can narrow down the selection to several designed specifically for the home. Window film which will perform well, but does not have the metallic look of commercial films. If you own or manage a commercial property we have a tremendous selection of High-Performance, Energy Saving, Solar Control, Safety and Security films for your property.