Commercial Window Tint

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Safety and Security


Commercial window film is strong stuff. The weakest link in any building construction is the glass. Wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, bricks and mortar, are all strong, but glass is so easy to shatter and can become extremely dangerous and downright terrifying if not treated with the correct window film. When glass breaks or explodes, adding window film can reduce the risk of personal property damage, severe personal injury or even death. 

Our safety and security films are engineered with powerful adhesives, which are laminated to the interior surface of glass. Quality safety films reduce the hazard of broken glass, keeping glass in the frame. 

Concerned about vandalism, violent weather or accidental breakage? Window film will ease your anxiety. Window film keeps glass in the frame where it belongs. 

Safety and security films can be crystal clear but are also available tinted. They are composed of exotic metals such as: Titanium, Graphite, Aluminum Oxide, Stainless Steel, etc. and are highly reflective and extremely energy efficient. 

Commercial Window Film

Reduce Glare in Your commercial space


Quality commercial window tint allows beautiful sunshine and light into your business without all the glare or heat than can be distracting and costly. Excessive glare can cause eyestrain which can lead to painful headaches. 

Glare is defined as a dazzling light. Large screen TV’s and computer screens can be difficult or impossible to see when you have a glare problem. When glare is sufficiently reduced, colors seem brighter and more vivid. Your view of the outdoors, especially a view to be appreciated like: pools, golf courses, lakes or manicured yards will all be enhanced with our Solar Control Window Films. 

Glass Graphics


Defined only by your imagination!  Our designs and textures can be used to filter light and accentuate glass as never before, blending privacy with creative design. Bring your logo to life or communicate with enhanced custom designs. 

Texas Tint graphics can be applied to almost any glass surface. They can be easily cleaned and have a durable scratch resistant coating. From the entry way of your business through the conference room to the boardroom, and even the bathroom, we can make a difference using our custom commercial window tint.

Our graphic films offer varying degrees of privacy and light diffusion and a high quality alternative to etching and sandblasting options and are as transparent or as reflective as your privacy preferences dictate.