Northeast Texas’ Most Experienced Window Film Company

Texas Tint is Northeast Texas’ most experienced Window Film Company. There’s a good reason. We have over 30 years of practical experience in the window film business and we deliver what we promise to our customers. We safeguard our work with a Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty. Because of our total commitment to the Window Film industry it is all we do. We focus on total customer satisfaction with indispensable product knowledge. 


Our Solar Control and 3M Window Films are the finest the industry has to offer.


Uncompromising value! We are on time, neat, clean, and polite.


Dependability you can count on with our manufacturer’s LIFETIME WARRANTY.


You Deserve a Comfortable Home

10 Reasons to Choose Texas Tint

We have been in the window film business since 1986, spanning 2 generations; this ensures more experience, improved service and expert workmanship.

We understand that the appearance of the film is just as important as the performance, especially in your home.

All our films are safe on dual pane glass.

All our Window Films actually improve your view, not distract or distort.

Leading designers and commercial/residential building contractors use our window film service for their clients.

All our residential films are backed by a Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty, No peeling, Bubbling, Change of Color, Delaminating, Cracking or Loss of Thermal Reflective Properties.

Customer concerns are priority one: Reduce Fade and Fabric Damage, Control Solar Heat, Lower Electric Bills, Eliminate Annoying and Frustrating Glare, and Increase Glass Strength for Safety and Security.

Maintenance free applications, no additional care is required, Windex or Glass Plus is fine.

We have the widest selection of window films in the industry, from conventional sputtered films to the new 3M films which offer high visible light transmission, providing up to 97% infrared rejection.

Cost is based on 5 evaluations: Type of film, Condition of glass, Accessibility of glass area, Total square footage, Total number of glass panes.